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PostSubject: Ethos   Mon Dec 18, 2006 10:21 am

Intrepid was originally formed in mid 2006 when Hiddenshadow (The Exiles guild head) was approached by the then Guild Head of The Darnassus Sentinels Elloa, the intent was to form a coalition for the purpose of experiencing end game Player vs Enviroment in the World of Warcraft on the European realm of Scarshield Legion.

During a meeting comprising of officers from both guilds, it was decided that Intrepid would be formed on the agreement that neither guild would actively interfere with the politics or ethos' of the other without invitation, as whilst both guilds are Roleplay based their goals would often be different and the intent was for this not to damage the coalition itself.

That said Intrepid quickly evolved into something more inclusive, a community for role players to experience all aspects of the game, and the guilds began to attend some of each others role play events and join together to form PvP teams and World PvP raids on non PvE raid evenings.

It was also noted at this time that being roleplay guilds took up more of the free time of its members than the “hardcore” PvE guilds would normally spend on socializing and it was not the intent of the coalition to damage the RP of each guild.

As such whilst it is possible for Intrepid to be running raids on pretty much most days of the week, there is no obligation of members to attend them (unless of course you have signed up for the raid in question), this more casual style of raiding meant that ultimately we needed to open the door for other role play guilds on the server to ensure we have enough people for the amount of raids we run, and because its always good to see the community on our server evolve into something more than a bunch of self contained groups.

“Loot Whoring” is not the intent of this coalition, it is as stated to allow members to experience as much of the game world as possible and to ensure progression is maintained even within the elusive role play circles. To this end we do not use DKP, every member of the raid has the ability each run to pickup one epic and one rare piece of equipment, though this does not apply to resource items such as dark iron ore, or coins and bijous, there are a couple of ways these are handled, usually items are split between guild banks and respective guilds will handle it from their as they see fit, a more comprehensive guide to how instance resources are split can be found in the looting section.

Whilst this means that the more hardcore raiders can sometimes go for a while without winning a drop, it does mean the casual raiders have the opportunity to pick up the occasional piece of loot, and of course the more often you come the higher chance of you winning something over a given period of time, in the long run it has tended to even itself out so far.

With the expansion of the alliance we would like to ask all members to please keep in mind that different guilds have different views of the world, do not start role play arguments over things during raids (though role playing is of course still desired), if you have a problem with a particular guild or a particular person due to In Character reasons (or Out of Character reasons for that matter) please take it up with one of your guild officers who will speak to an Intrepid officer about it and we will try and resolve any problems, though we wont be asking people to compromise on their role play so please just try and be diplomatic when role playing any particularly opinionated character traits.
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